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What our clients say

Our time and attendance system has simplified our payroll data collection and gives reliable, clear and easy reporting.

The well designed terminal, feature-packed software, and excellent support from Time Systems (UK) Ltd are appreciated by employees and have saves the business time and money.

Highly recommended.

Tarquin Adam - John Hyde Engineering Ltd

Just to say how pleased we are with our time machine – easily copes with our multiple shift patterns (can’t believe we have so many!), how much useful reporting data we are able to extract and how much quicker and easier it makes our payroll function.

Fortunately we have only had to use your support services two or three times, but they are well up to speed – fascinating how they can access my PC remotely.

Guy Lewis CML

Thanks for the good service.

Ashley - PanelPaint

Very pleased with the service you have provided over the years.

Mrs Brown - Hordeans

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TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate - Time and Attendance System


  • Easy to use.
  • Stops employees clocking for others - (buddy punching).
  • Greasy or dirty hands will not cause mis-reads
  • Calculates hours worked and paid leave ready for payroll - saves you time and money.
  • Unlimited clockings per day.
  • Unlimited shift patterns.
  • Unlimited Companies and departments.
  • Unlimited breaks/lunches.
  • Graphical Shift Rostering Calendar - change shifts in a second.
  • Graphical leave, sickness and holiday calendar assignment.
  • Graphical global leave calendar.
  • Suite of reports including Time Cards, Leave Report, Missed Clockings etc,
  • Prints full time card activity report - many options - including terminal used, shift applied, sickness and holiday amounts.
  • Highlights lateness in red or bold on reports.
  • Can round forward/back for late arrivals, excessive breaks.
  • Allows you to deduct for breaks if not clocked for.
  • Real time fire report.
  • 'On demand' fire report - every PC can run this program.
  • Key personnel report, see who's in - on every PC.
  • Software integrates with popular payroll programs especially Sage.

    The complete system includes TOUCHtime 1000 hand
    scanner, software, power supply, ethernet and serial cables.

Now comes with Sage Payroll import Program FREE

If you require a system for more employees please go to www.timestandard.co.uk

time and attendance

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TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate is a state of the art, easy to use, biometric time recording system that uses the unique characteristics of an employees hand to verify them. Absolutely proof positive identification of employees will eliminate buddy punching so that you will not have to pay for employees who are not at work.

The use of this biometric technology will not be fooled by dirty or greasy hands.

TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate adds up the hours worked, deducts for any breaks. works out all leave pay and sorts them into standard pay and overtime rates so that it is ready for your payroll. This will save you time and money.

There is no limit to the number of clockings or breaks per shift and you can allocate an employee to a different shift every day.The shift rostering calendar allows you to allocate employees with a click.

The graphical leave calendar allows you to allocate employees to holiday or sick, half or full day. You can enter Bank Holidays and company shut down on Global calendar - all in one click.

TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate also allows you to add, edit or delete transactions and easily add transactions for drivers and remote workers.

There is a suite of reports, including a time card report to show the hours worked, leave report to see what holiday/sickness has been taken. and missed clockings report etc

Reports automatically highlights missed clockings, lateness, absence, breaks exceeded early departure etc

Includes Real Time Fire Report

The Real Time Fire Report automatically prints out transactions as they happen, ready for an on the spot roll call. This feature requires a dot matrix printer. Alternatively you can use the 'on demand' fire report.

TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate saves time and money and helps stop paying employees for time they have not worked.

TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate has many of the features of much higher priced systems and ensures that your workforce data is collected properly.

The fire report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant roll call if required.

Key Personnel Display

Can show on your PC in real time who is on or off the premises. You can have this program running on multiple PCs in your company so anyone can see who is 'IN' or 'OUT'. This helps the receptionist see who is out thereby saving wasted time trying to put through abortive calls. It can also help the workshop manager see who is in without having to search the shop floor.

'On demand' fire reports

This is reporting software that can be installed on as many PC's as you like. Each user can print this report to show which employees are present.

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